Security Research Labs

UPDATE December 17, 2019: Attacks still possible Six weeks after first publicly discussing the Smart Spies attacks, we performed some retests to see whether Google and Amazon implemented sufficient checks to mitigate the attacks. The below video, filmed on December 5th, shows that all malicious Skills/Actions we submitted were still more… “Smart Spies: Alexa and Google Home expose users to vishing and eavesdropping”


Detect mobile networks abuse on your Android phone.

Check protection capabilities of networks world-wide.

Find security flaws in SIM cards.

Collect threat information about reprogrammable USB peripherals.

Show issues in outdated access and payment cards.

Join our growing research team.


Security Research Labs is a Berlin-based hacking research collective and consulting think tank.

We are seeking to drive security evolution, combining insights from research, industry, and the hacker community. We focus on everyday technologies that expose many people to risk, most recently mobile communication and payment systems. Our goal is to fix issues before consumers are put at risk; or publicly discuss flaws in systems where this did not happen. Our lab is an open collective of like-minded thinkers. If you are interested in our projects, collaborating or proposing a project of your own, please feel free to get in touch.