GPRS Sniffing Tutorial

- Download sources into ~/gprs_sniffer

  git clone git://
  git clone git://
  git clone git://

- Download ARM cross compiler

  tar xf bu-2.15_gcc-3.4.3-c-c++-java_nl-1.12.0_gi-6.1.tar.bz2

- Compile and install libosmocore

  cd ~/gprs_sniffer/libosmocore
  autoreconf -i
  sudo make install

- Compile gprsdecode

  cd ~/gprs_sniffer/gprsdecode

- Prepare OsmocomBB's burst_ind branch

  cd ~/gprs_sniffer/osmocom-bb
  git checkout origin/sylvain/burst_ind
  git checkout d1cb8ea9b784c7acbafbb2fdcedbdf4655c2f6f5
  patch -p1 < ~/gprs_sniffer/gprs_multi.patch

- Compile OsmocomBB

  cd src
  export PATH=$PATH:~/gprs_sniffer/gnuarm-3.4.3/bin

- Run OsmocomBB firmware

  # Conect Motorola phone with USB cable
  cd ~/gprs_sniffer/osmocom-bb/src
  ./host/osmocon/osmocon -m c123xor -p /dev/ttyUSB0 ./target/firmware/board/compal_e88/layer1.compalram.bin
  # Switch on Motorola phone

- Run OsmocomBB host software (in 2. terminal)

  cd ~/gprs_sniffer/osmocom-bb/src

- Adjust to active network

  # look for active networks in the output:
  cell_log.c:334 Sync ARFCN 29 (rxlev -52, 289 syncs left)
  cell_log.c:190 Cell: ARFCN=29 MCC=222 MNC=01 (Italy, TIM)
  # in this case, network is TIM, and ARFCN is 29
  # kill cell_log with ctrl-c, and rerun with correct ARFCN:
  ./host/layer23/src/misc/layer23 -a 29

  # Data channel assignments look like this
  layer3.c:243 GSM48 IMM ASS (ra=0x72, chan_nr=0x0a, HSN=44, MAIO=0,
  TS=2, SS=0, TSC=0)  l1ctl.c:506 Tx Dedic.Mode Est Req (maio=0,
  hsn=44, chan_nr=0x0a)

  # Red lines indicate signal strength
  # In this case 3 out of 4 slots are used:
  l1ctl.c:261 BURST IND: @(2064231 = 1556/13/06) ( -50 dBm, SNR 255)
  l1ctl.c:261 BURST IND: @(2064231 = 1556/13/06) ( -50 dBm, SNR   1)
  l1ctl.c:261 BURST IND: @(2064231 = 1556/13/06) ( -50 dBm, SNR 255)
  l1ctl.c:261 BURST IND: @(2064231 = 1556/13/06) ( -50 dBm, SNR 255)

  # wait for session end or kill with ctrl-c
  # A file like "bursts_20110821_1648_29_2094723_0a.dat" is produced

- Run GPRS decoder

  # Start Wireshark, capturing on interface "lo"
  ~/gprs_sniffer/gprsdecode/gprsdecode bursts_20110721_1648_29_2094723_0a.dat

- Optional: Test with sample data
  ~/gprs_sniffer/gprsdecode/gprsdecode gprs_262_80_0001_0000_20110710_2251_875_494777_0f.dat
  ~/gprs_sniffer/gprsdecode/gprsdecode gprs_262_80_0001_0000_20110710_2252_875_514147_0f.dat

- Optional: Build Wireshark from source

  svn co wireshark
  cd wireshark
  sudo make install

- Optional: Uplink sniffing

  # the default firmware captures 4 downlink slots,
  # for uplink you need to compile a different firmware.
  # open "osmocom-bb/src/target/firmware/layer1/prim_sniff.c"
  # at line 288, modify #if 1 to 0
  # go back to 'Compile and install libosmocore'

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