Cybersecurity is more than just penetration testing

SRLabs team researching during HackerUrlaub 2019

Cybersecurity is the constant competition between white and black hat hackers, with financial assets and customer data often at stake.

Do you want to fight the good fight for security and privacy? Then keep on reading about the positive impact you can make in our increasingly digitized world.

The SRLabs team focuses on fixing real problems
Security tests are often conducted because of regulation, and once problems are found, companies are regularly ill-equipped or lack the motivation to actually remediate issues. We often hear from talented testers how unrewarding penetration testing can be.

When choosing projects, SRLabs looks for opportunities to achieve real impact: we work with large companies in critical infrastructure where there is a genuine interest in improving security. Many of our projects might start with a penetration test or red teaming exercise, but they then continue into remediation. We help companies close security gaps and develop the processes and mentality to foster improved security going forward.

Research keeps us ahead of the game
Going one step beyond current vulnerabilities for us means finding vulnerabilities before criminal hackers do. We maintain this knowledge edge by reserving time for ethical hacking and IT security research.

SRLabs is home to knowledge leaders in the areas of telco security, IoT hardware hacking and much more. We focus on knowledge sharing and continuous learning – achieved through our research combined with the selection of interesting client projects that positions us at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.

Diversity helps us develop creative solutions
Hacking, and hacking defense, is driven by creative thinking and taking a different perspective on frequently overlooked technologies and systems. We believe the industry gains from making room for all genders and ethnicities, and also from talent from diverse career backgrounds. We look beyond degrees and certifications to raw talent and passion for impact. We embrace diversity with flexibility, an open mind, and a non-corporate environment at our offices around the world: Berlin, Hong Kong and Jakarta.

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